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Hi, My name is Helen Grossman. I like to paint, read books, and learning a new forms of art and techniques. I love to learn and experiment with different medias and surfaces, like clay, paper, beads, gourds,it is always something new here to learn and grow. When I am feeling burn out I am reading books or taking my brushes and paint. Back in Ukraine I learned a decorative folk art style of painting called Petrikivka named after village it was born. You also could see some of my work on Instagram, @helldg123. Thank you for stopping by and if you have a moment, I would love to hear your feedback. Helen

Friday, March 07, 2008

February - month of doodling

Last month was month of drawing. I'd rather call this doodling, at least that how it started. I did a lot ( for me ) of such drawing and then I was thinking on how to make a doll out of it. Either to draw on fabric or use different textures and prints. So far, I did first. I made a doll, painted and then drew. A few pictures of dolls are coming in next post.