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Hi, My name is Helen Grossman. I like to paint, read books, and learning a new forms of art and techniques. I love to learn and experiment with different medias and surfaces, like clay, paper, beads, gourds,it is always something new here to learn and grow. When I am feeling burn out I am reading books or taking my brushes and paint. Back in Ukraine I learned a decorative folk art style of painting called Petrikivka named after village it was born. You also could see some of my work on Instagram, @helldg123. Thank you for stopping by and if you have a moment, I would love to hear your feedback. Helen

Monday, August 20, 2007

A few new dolls

The doll below was made from Lotus Velle free pattern that she post on ClothDollMaking yahoo group. I like this pattern very much. Easy to put together and the fellow is the charmer. At least in my eyes :)

This little Dragon was created from Jennifer Carson pattern "The Maned Bookwyrm". This is cloth dragon with some needlefelting (mane, and chest or stomach). But if you are not into needlefelting, you still can have a wonderful dragon. I couldn't resist his charms and created one for my son. Another dragon is at work as I have to make one for another son as well :)
And no, he is not picking his nose...

I also was playing around and created a little Annie - The Ballerina. Her body and stocks are painted, the face - embroidered and she just making me smile with her silliness :) Hope she will bring smile to you as well.

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New gourd dolls

I also was working on some gourd dolls this month. One of them I started a few moth ago and finally finished, a few new, one of which - I am still working on it but will show some pictures in progress.
The gourds below are finished and I posted them into my etsy store where you can see more pictures.

Gourd below is the one I am still working on. I had a few egg shaped gourds and I used one of them to create this piece. I attached the gourd to small wooden candle holder using Apoxie. I also used Apoxie to create vines and roses. I used acrylic, watercolor paints and pencils to paint the girl inside rose vignette.

Please let me know your opinion about the work. I need some feedback, please, to improve the work I am doing. All comments are welcome and many thanks for that!


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Sitting pretty

She made from "Frowning Francis" pattern. It is muslin doll that was gessoed and then painted. I like the head design of this kitty. It has a few layers giving more dimention to the head. Similar to trapunto method but a bit different. And she is sitting on little taffeta from free tutorial that Sherry Goshon gave us. Thanks a lot for that!
I posted some pictures of the doll in progress. When I loaded pictures from camera into computer, I realized that Kitty is missing whiskers.
Off to take some new pictures :)

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